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Courmayeur Cup - Good To Be Back Racing

Farrell and I (Ethan) had our first competition this weekend at the Courmayeur Cup in Italy, after several long months since our last competition, including Faz’s leg break at World Champs. In essence a friendly season opener for the two us however not the case for the Italian skaters as this competition contributed to their selection for the National team in the upcoming season, so as you can imagine tensions were running high in the changing rooms, at times ranging from total silence, too heated exchanges after some races.

There were plenty of positives with some very competitive racing, even between myself and Faz in the 500m quarter with a last lap overtake for Faz (for which I let him by), you can check it out on our Instagram page. There were lots of other overtakes with late dives up the inside into the corner, as well as outside and inside overtakes. In the overall classification Faz finished 9th and I finished 11th, these are definitely decent results, but we are for sure looking to improve and be more clinical as we head into the main part of the season.

You can see all the results from the weekend of racing here:


I'll be staying out in Italy for another week to train with the Italian national team before I return back to Nottingham, while Faz will stay out and continue training with the Italians for the next couple of months.

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